Thursday, July 4, 2013

Work Avoidance

I slotted this morning as a "work" morning -- everyone is out of the house, and I knew the weather wouldn't be great, so I have the perfect setting for my thinking and planning for a PD presentation.

What have I done instead --
  • engaged in a long string of text messages with a group of friends doing some planning, but also doing some silly stuff
  • caught up on some of my Slice of Life commenting
  • read and commented on some of the #cyberPD thinking about Who Owns the Learning by Alan November
  • called a friend
  • read 3 chapters in a new adult suspense book
  • and since I first wrote this a half hour ago, I am now adding missed blogs to my Feedly feed
While I'm as happy as a clam, I do realize I've blown a wonderful opportunity to get some important (and much needed) work done.

Oh what the heck?!!  It's July 4th, Independence Day - I declare my independence to utilize my alone time to spend in the activities I choose.  Isn't that what the signers of the Declaration of Independence meant? :)

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