Monday, June 24, 2013

First entry - a little scary and a lot disjointed

Monday, June 24

I have a serious stream of consciousness going on right now...

It's a little scary and exciting at the same time to have a blog that belongs just to me.  The exciting -- my ideas, my thoughts, my ramblings.  The scary - there's no backup.  I have relied on Bill more times than I can count to have my back when I wasn't writing at our Literate Lives blog.  But this time, it's all me and my wanderings.

I was in a twitter conversation this morning about online notebooks.  I still don't know where I stand on this.  I love the ease of having my tool for writing with me at all times, but I also love the feeling of pencil (not just any pencil, but a Ticonderoga #2) on paper.  And I love the ease of Evernote.  I'm thinking I should just use all 3 -- choose the tool that best suits my mood and needs at the time.

Some days house ownership stinks and this was one of them.  We are having our house painted and stained this summer, so the man who power washes the house came out, and we discovered a very rotten soffit board because he blew a hole right through it with the washer.  Huge gash in the wood with the insulation hanging down.  Can you say wet?!

I calmed myself by making corn and black bean salsa.  I had already planned on making it before this incident since I have two consecutive book clubs meeting here the next two nights, but I found the cutting and dicing of all the vegetables that go in the salsa to be incredibly soothing.  My mind wandered to all the times I have made this delicious dip.  At our house, it is considered a "comfort food."  One of those foods that is requested when someone wants to feel better.  The events connected to this salsa could be one of those entries developed further at another time because it evokes so many memories.

So, currently I have no specific plan for this space.  It is mine to fill with stories or anecdotes or musings or the wanderings of my mind.  Some days it will all tie together, and other days will be like this, a need I had to just jot down the moments that were in my mind.

If you're a visitor here, welcome.  You have purposely chosen to be here since I am not advertising this outside of Teachers Write and my close friends.  I appreciate your company. 


  1. Write on, Karen! I hope you'll be at the Southern OH CL writing retreat. I look forward to writing with you in person!

  2. Hi Karen, and congratulations! You've made the leap. I think you'll enjoy it now that you've started. I am a fellow Teachers Write! member, but I caught your link over at Literate Lives. Feel free to follow my ramblings over at - looking forward to learning together. :)

  3. Karen,
    I love your new space and can't wait to see what you fill it with as you post. I think you'll find it nice to have two different blogs. It will let you sort your thinking a bit. I look forward to following your reading at Literate Lives --- and your journey here.


  4. You are so inspiring, thank you for the invitation to join you on your writing journey that is a bit more personal and about me. I often try to write very carefully to not be personal on my blog and sometimes find myself carefully thinking about that when I write a Slice of Life post. You care brave! I can't wait to read and learn from you about life. I always enjoy your wisdom when we visit.

  5. Your entry holds so much possibility -- just like life. I'm looking forward to following you as you discover pieces through your writing. Thanks for sharing your journey with us!

  6. Congrats on the new venture friend! I don't think the "relying on me" thing will cause you much problem. Smart people like you always have smart things to say.